Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu! My say on the movie!

First of all, I am never going to believe this stupid newspapers or idiotic online rating of movies! What shit! Who gives 4 stars to such a movie? Or for that matter even 3 stars? The movie was a total disaster, a complete disappointment! The end was decent for the only reason that it didn’t have the same old bollywood ending! The humor was not just plain but it was pathetic except couple of punches!

The biggest problem with the film is that nothing seems logical and nothing is justified! And by nothing I mean NOTHING! Rahul Illogical movie(Imran Khan) has been sacked from his job which is very obvious considering that he has no interest in architecture and he has no self confidence. He feels like consulting a psychologist. Riana (Kareena Kapoor) is going through a break up (her 6th or 7th break up) and she is depressed which she doesn’t seem to be. She goes to psychologist for consulting which she doesn’t need. I think the psychologist scene was just to give us an introduction of both the characters and we have seen this in so many hollywood movies. Then there is the ‘loosen up; you are such an tight-ass’ comment by Kareena which motivates Imran to prove that he is not and so he gets drunk on vodka shots. I am like seriously? Is this all it takes, a stupid comment? What rubbish! Also, I don’t like that after getting high there is a song to show the fun they had. There should have been more talking in the film and more conversing. This songs prevents them from building a chemistry which is missing in the whole movie. Also, in the starting scenes Kareena reminds me of Jab We Met‘s Geet, a very bad copy of Geet to be precise. She tries to know more about him and also tries to get him a girl by convincing him to call his ex which he does. The only humor in the movie is when Rahul is on a date with his ex and she asks ‘How wild are you?’ to which his reply is ‘Ab sher se kya poochna ki kaha kaha shikaar kiya hai!’. Although Rahul, as his character is, doesn’t seem capable of pulling off such a nice dialogue but the joke stays. But obviously Rahul is an idiot and he screws up the date.  Then Rahul and Riana go out and have fun on another song which makes him like her more, don’t ask how this happened. Then he listens to the ‘koi mil gaya’ song on Riana’s ipod and falls down and suddenly realizes ‘Shit! I love her!’ Oh My God! What piece of ass is this Rahul? Where did the love come from? Was it when he saw her sleeping in bed and he covered her with a blanket? (This scene again irritates me to the core).  They haven’t even talked properly and he is in love with her? How is this possible? So so illogical. The director might have thought having an interval at this point to be a smart move as it will make people curious about the other half of the movie but in it obviously doesn’t. It in fact makes me wanna leave. Dude, he can’t be in love with her. He just can’t.

The scenes in the movie have been copied from so many  different movie that they now irritate the audience. The scene of  ‘Thoda right, thoda left, thoda aur dabao!’ is hell irritating. Then there is late night talk which is boring and which convinces Rahul to go to the India with Riana. For most of the time in the movie, nothing significant is actually happening and you just keep on waiting for some twist or some surprise but there isn’t any. The ‘Auntyji’ song is one of the better songs in the album and watching Avantika and Imran was sort of cute but nothing again is actually happening in the movie! Then they go to watch Riana’s school where Riana fools Rahul into believing that he is PERFECTLY average and that it is a good thing. She says this in a way that would not even convince the dumbest guy on the planet. Seriously, how stupid can it get! No Riana, being average is not good and you shouldn’t make that idiotic Rahul believe in it. I’m not saying that being average is bad or something but its not something to be proud of. Then she takes him to the kissing spot of school and says ‘I had my first kiss here’ which makes Rahul fall in love with her more and he leans forward saying ‘Thank you ri, meri life badalne ke liye!’ Obviously she didn’t kiss him not because her real life boyfriend Saif doesn’t allow her but because she is not in love with her. My question here is how has Riana changed Rahul’s life? How? He still is jobless, he has the same old shit life that he had earlier with the same irritating parents. The only difference is that now he is in India with a friend he has recently made. His life is not changed! Stupid stupid stupid script! And then they fight! FIGHT? For what? Why is Rahul over-reacting? If a girl takes you to a kissing spot it doesn’t mean that she wants to kiss you, stupid Rahul. He took the wrong hints, big deal! Stop crying! There is nothing to fight about. Even the fight is not justifiable. Such illogical movie. And of-course there is a sad song in the movie now.  Even this song is kind of nice but again the movie has no high point.

The end is near and this movie is going nowhere. There is nothing that the director could have done to the end that could make everything worth it. The movie has gone down. But the end sort of has a small high point and I expect the story to build up on it but sadly and not surprisingly it doesn’t.  The scene where Rahul shouts at his parents and everybody else at the dining table could have been so much better. But the anger that he has inside him cools down very easily, it seems. The scene should have been a bit long and more outraging, I think. For reasons I don’t understand he goes to Riana and realizes that he was wrong. Where did the realization come from I have no clue! He confesses to Riana that he loves  her and that it’s not easy to fall out of it. Riana on the other hand wants Rahul to be the break-up guy who will be there for him whenever she wants him to be, as a friend of-course. The monologue of Rahul at the end is disappointing and saddens me that they couldn’t even get the end perfectly right! Sad! Rahul still hopes he may be able to convince Riana to marry him. You idiot Rahul, you really don’t understand, do you? You yourself are not in love with the girl in the first place, it is just infatuation.

The movie has got no high points, nothing special that will stick with you. The music is decent. The direction is pathetic. It feels like the director just thought that there should be a movie with a different ending and then built a story according to that. Nothing in the movie fits. Imran is decent. Kareena is bad. There are no dialogues in the movie. It seems like a movie which is copied from various other movies with only on difference-the end.

Swapnil Patel.