An old promise to someone

Seems such a stupid thing, to follow some rule, ‘cause you promised you would,

To live life a certain way, ‘cause you once said… ‘cause they thought you should.

Trust they say, should never be broken and promises should be kept,

But is it still breaking someone’s trust, if the person is no longer there?

How is it still a promise if it is not to someone;

How does that count as a betrayal if no one cares?

Stupid rules and stupid beliefs,

Not to question them but to be.

But you still do it, everyday;

Live by that rule and pretend,

That it matters, what you do and how you live,

 Cause you are not forgotten and never will be.

Because they remember you and they care,

What you do with your life and how you flare!

So you keep your promises and go on, to live your life,

Because they are special to you and they always will be.

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