To New Year & To making Resolutions

I love this time of the year. The year has come to an end and you look back and reflect on the life you have spent and the things you have learnt. You note down the mistakes you have made and you sit down with these in mind and set some goals for the next year.  You resolve not to make the same mistakes again and envision an eventful year for yourself. You make promises to yourself and you hope for a better year than the last one. You thank God for the year that was and pray that the coming year would give you strength, courage, hope and love. You forget the past – regretting which would be no use – and you look ahead with hope. It is the time of the year when past is forgotten and the next year seems like a new start, a new beginning.

“What is the point of taking up new resolutions at the start of every year when you know that you won’t stick to it till the end, huh? It is just a waste of time.” said a friend to me when I started telling him my New Year resolutions. This New Year, I have heard such things from various different people. Everyone seems so negative on the idea of making New Year resolutions that it almost makes me question the need for it. If you never made New Year resolutions then, I would say, it is no big deal if you don’t make them this time but it is just wrong not to make New Year resolutions just because you didn’t stick to it the last time. If you didn’t stick to it the last time, the ideal thing would be to make resolutions this year and try to stick to them this time around. Have a little faith in yourself, a little determination and a little belief in yourself and go ahead and take up some resolutions. May be this year you will finally be able to stick to your resolutions throughout the year.

When I first started making New Year resolutions a few years ago, I was unable to keep them throughout the year. The first year it hardly lasted two weeks and after that I just forgot it all until next year came and I started making resolutions again. The next year it lasted some two months before I gave up. It all starts with ‘I will just take a break for a few days and continue it after that’ but the truth, as we all know, is that we never take it up again. Last year I didn’t have any resolutions as I was pretty depressed and dealing with my own problems and hence was totally lost in the first few months of the year. I didn’t know where I was heading to, as the year started. New Year resolutions are like guidelines which help us navigate through the year. When you sit down and think of the New Year resolutions you think about the future and how you see yourself in the next year and accordingly set goals. Last year I didn’t do that and the first few months were terrible. I didn’t know what was happening with my life and I was sort of just moving with the flow and dealing with things as it came along – no rules, no goals and no nothing. This year I made some realistic goals which I intend to achieve till the end of the year and some out-of-my-reach goals which I’ll try my best to achieve. This year, the next few months feel pretty sorted and I feel confident about future. I have some dos and don’ts list made so that I don’t lose track of things and so that I can have control of my life in my hand rather than just flowing with the flow.

May be making resolutions is stupid and naive but we should give it another chance and hope that this year will be different. If we don’t set goals for ourselves and take up resolutions to improve then how do we expect to become a better person and lead a good life? Setting up goals, trying hard to achieve them and setting up new goals once you achieve the old ones is what life is all about, isn’t it? So go ahead and set some goals for yourself, make some resolutions and this time, try hard to stick to them. Hope you all have an amazing new year! 🙂

PS: This is the first of the 52 blogs that I am going to write this year as a new year resolution :). That is my #Project52. I am very new to blog writing and very heartily welcome constructive criticism. i started this blog with a random thought and just compiled all my thoughts and posted it.