No one just listens these days
When you tell them about the problems in your life
They all have opinions and suggestions
They have things to say and your habits to criticize

No one just sits there and understands
When you are going through tough times
They all say ‘it was your own mistake’
Like this is supposed to be some punishment for our crimes

No one just says ‘it’s ok’
When you sometimes fail in life
They all give you advice and tips
They all say ‘you should try harder the next time’

No one says ‘it will all get better’
When nothing seems to be going right
When nothing is giving you the motivation to breathe
When the end of the tunnel doesn’t look bright

No one ever says ‘I will be with you forever
No matter what you do in life
No matter what happens to you
Even if you are about to die’

No one, it seems, is going to be there forever
We ourselves are the fools, hoping to survive
The loneliness that is evidently going to catch up with us
The loneliness that we all so desperately try to avoid


Aakhri Alvida

Chale jaa rahe ho humse door,
ek baar mud kar dekh to liya hota.
Khade hai hum yaha, pyaar me majboor,
humari majboori ko zara samajh to liya hota.
Ye gham thoda kam ho jaata,
ye rasta thoda aasan ho jaata.
Pyaar me itna dard na hota,
iss majboori ka itna afsos na hota.

Na jeete har pal apne aap se ruth ke,
na marte baar baar apne naseeb ko kos ke;
Jo tumne humpe thoda reham kiya hota,
ek baar jo tumne mud kar dekh liya hota.

Galati shayad  meri hi thi,
kaash maine itni mohabbat ki na hoti.
Khush hoti aaj ye zindagi,
jo aisi beparvaah dillagi ki na hoti.

Par afsos us mohabbat ka nahi,
gham tujhse ki dillagi ka nahi.
Jo bitaya tha waqt wo haseen tha,
ye dil bhi bada khushnaseeb tha.

Dard to uss aakhri bevafai ka hai,
pachtava to teri rusvaai ka hai,
Maante hai ki humse nafrat karne ke kaaran hazaar the
Par hum kam se kam ek aakhri alvida ke to haqdaar the.