You can’t help them


No matter how hard you try

You can’t help them.

Your friend, your sibling, your child, your lover,

People you care about,

People you love;

You just can’t help them.


No matter how clearly you see

The pain that is heading their way

You can’t warn them

To not make that same mistake again.

Because sometimes they are just not willing to listen,

And sometimes

They just don’t want to believe you,

But most importantly

Because they want to follow their instincts

And see it through.

Sometimes, they have grown up

And you can’t tell them

What is right and what is wrong

What to do and what to not.

Not because you don’t matter

But because

It is time that they make their own decisions

and avoid the chatter.

Sometimes, no matter what trouble they are in

And no matter how much you want to help them,

All you can do is stand there and watch

And hope that you are proven wrong.

It is one of the worst feelings in the world

To watch someone you care for

Make the mistakes and suffer the pain

From which you could have prevented them.

But sometimes,

You just have to step back

You just have to let them be.

It is painful, it is torturous

To stand there and watch them suffer

But that is the punishment for caring too much,

That is what we get for loving too much.

Sometimes, you can’t do anything

And you can’t help

Even if you give it your best,

Even if you know they’ll fail that test.

All you can do

Is be there for them

When they drown in the rain

And be there for them

When they suffer the pain.

All you can do is

Let them make the mistake,

Let them go their way

Let them follow their guts

Let them find their way.

And stand at the end

Of that dark tunnel,


To hold them

When they walk out


To be there for them

When they come falling down.

And tell them

That shit happens

That making mistakes is okay

And that you are there for them

And it is all going to be okay

And that they will find their way

tomorrow, if not today.