Start walking again

Sitting at the end of the road
Smoking the last of your precious cigars
Smiling at your fate, you scream for help
Staring into the horizon, you ask yourself

Should I have taken this path of struggle?
Should I have taken the other, with less troubles?
Soon you’ll wonder if this was worth it
Soon you’ll think back and regret this

Sometimes we end up making the wrong choices
Some days nothing seems to be going right
Sanity seems to no longer be our mate
Sun doesn’t seem able to make our days bright

Sometimes all you can do is accept your failure
Stare it in the face and acknowledge the pain
Somewhere lies a better destiny waiting for you
So you have to get up and start walking again.


PS: This is a poem written as a submission to the daily prompt exercise, called Fearful Symmetry, of writing a poem where every line starts with the same letter. I have chosen the letter ‘S’ because, well, my name starts with it.


One thought on “Start walking again

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