love is art

Love is art and knowing and understanding and being able to make art is how you’ll know love!
A beautiful piece of writing!

tempted? then take a bite | thoughts from the kaur

I love art. My mom tells me that I have loved art from a very young age. Since I began school. Junior kindergarten to be precise. “You loved making art. You would paint, cut construction paper into different shapes and sizes, colour pieces of macaroni and glue it all together; bring it home and display it on the refrigerator door” she recalls. She remembers everything that I made as a child. Mother’s day cards, bouquet of flowers made from pink and red tissue paper with twisted green pipe cleaner stems, hand painted vases made from using empty glass apple juice bottles, paper mache bowls using blown up balloons and a bird house made from gluing pieces of wood together. I vividly remember arts and crafts time in school. It was my favourite subject that unfortunately was only offered to us once a week while math and English was an unjust…

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