For my silence
That cost you
Your home, your life

For my prejudices
That robbed you
Of respect and a fair fight

For my inactions
And my cowardliness
For my excuses
And my shamelessness

I deeply and sincerely
With all my heart apologize
For my inactions had consequences
I never realized.

I’m not making excuses
There is nothing I can say that’ll suffice
But I still wanted to say sorry
To let you know that I now empathize.

Everyone makes mistakes, they said
That’s how you learn;
But some mistakes let me tell you
Are not worth the lesson learnt

Some mistakes turn into guilt
They are like scars on your heart
They constantly remind you of your mistake
Until the mistake becomes your life’s part

Nothing that I say or do
Can make things alright
Nothing I say or do
Can bring back your life

So, in my feeble attempt to cure my guilt
As a small consolation, that it was not all in vain
On my life, I promise you this
I’ll never make the same mistake again.

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