Because you can never go back

Those flirtatious stares I’ll never forget
They will haunt me till my last breath;
Those lingering goodbyes I’ll always regret
They will always remind me of things I should have said.

The messages I never sent, will always wait
In the drafts folder, for that moment of courage;
The kisses on forehead, will never translate
Into something more, for I am not that brave. images

The conversation in my head, will never materialize
The feelings I have, will stay there for a while
I’ll not initiate the conversation, until the moment is right
I’ll not make a hasty decision and spoil our lives.

Call me a coward or call me a fool
But I won’t cross this line;
Until I am absolutely sure
Of your feelings and of mine.

Because I don’t want to risk this
Whatever it is that we have;
Because I don’t care about the norms of the world
That tells me to do this and do that.

I will only confess my feelings
When I am absolutely sure of it;
I will only commit to things
When I am ready to risk everything.

Until then I will gulp down these feelings
And take a step back
Pretend that I don’t want you
And behave as if I lack

Emotions those are
Unbearably painful
Because well, my love,
You can never go back.

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