The Friendship Should Last

Is it too naive to expect
That relationships will last?
That people will stay
And not become past.
Is it too stupid to assume
That friends will always matter?
That whatever happens
The friendship will keep getting better.
Every relationship grows
Into a beautiful thing;
Until it gets ruined by expectations
And the search for meaning.
Every friendship vows
To last a lifetime
Until life gets in the way
And spoils all rhythm and rhyme.
The start of every relationship
Makes you feel immensely special
The bond is just growing strong
And everything just falls into a pattern.
But as the good times pass
I often fear, the worst might happen
That people will leave
And I will be left alone; forgotten.
Hence all I ask is for us
To stay in touch.
The friendship should last
I don’t ask for much.

7 thoughts on “The Friendship Should Last

  1. Perfectly expressed thoughts. You describe fears so many of us have deep inside our hearts. I share your feelings too.

  2. I ask you imagine a life where everyone you meet stays.
    Where the number of people only keeps increasing and everyone needs an equal amount of attention.

    It’s not possible. The people who are meant to stay, will.
    Some will be left behind, so you can find the time to meet new people, understand new perspective, have different stories.

    All you can hope for, is that you build memories for a lifetime, while you still know these people 🙂

    • This is not about everyone… I know some people have to leave to make space for some new friends… But the friendship should last, even if we dont stay in touch much

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