Poor Love

Love isn’t boastful
It doesn’t demand
A show;
Love believes in itself
And hopes that in this dark world,
It will glow.

Sacrifice in love often goes unnoticed
But that is the reason
You should never keep score
‘Cause love is no science,
It is a matter of heart; a necessity of life
And so much more…

love is hope

Suffering is also a part of the process
‘Cause what is love,
If it can’t endure
You can’t really blame it on anyone
‘Cause suffering is innocent
And love has no cure.

Pain is another by-product of our existence
But love is not responsible here,
It didn’t cheat or lie or trick you
But it is no innocent bystander either

It’s simple logic and plain common sense:
You bleed cause you cut
It hurts cause you care,
Poor love gets blamed
‘Cause it just exaggerates what is already there.

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