An Ideal Date.

I’d like to go on the ideal date once. Mine would be simple.

I make arrangements for dinner in a black-tie restaurant at 8. I show up early, dressed as immaculately as conceivable to me, wearing that favourite tie that she likes so much. I wait for her a little; she is a little busy with her work life nowadays, what with a big promotion coming her way! Ambition has its costs, after all.


She arrives at 8.15, dressed in something I had bought for her as a birthday present. A red evening gown. She looks drop dead gorgeous. I had imagined she would, fantasized about this moment when I see her in the dress, over & over, but no figment of imagination matched what I was seeing right in front of me. As the patron leads her towards our table, she catches my gaze, and her face lights up. That smile. I get up without a second thought, walk towards her, hold her hand and we walk towards the table as one. I pull up the chair, she gets seated, and I am yet to take my eyes off her.


I can tell though that she is tired, slightly exhausted even. This is not going to be a night where she has to exert herself, I want to make it a special one for her. I have already pre-ordered a meal for her, all her favourites, right from the Ravioli to the Sauvignon Blanc. One by one, it all arrives and we look hungrily, at the food, & at each other. It’s been some time.


We dig in, eating dignifiedly, calmly, yet with a stormy fire raging between our eyes. I remember well the last night we had together. It was good like it has always been. But, there was something off. And I knew wh
at. Her work keeping her busy, her life goals, her future achievements coming temporarily in the way of happiness for her. But I wanted to make it better for her. She deserved some peace, God knows she did. This was going to be a special night for her, I had promised myself, and that was one promise I was planning on keeping to the very end.


I excuse myself for a minute, breaking off the searing glares between us, reluctantly, but necessarily. I have a call to make…

ideal date

I get back and we finish up our meals, share a dessert. Things get strangely heated when she starts licking off the spoon, slowly, seductively, and with a knowing stare, and a minx-y smile on her lips. I manage a smile, a pull of the tie, a nervous pull-back-my-hair & a clearing of my parched throat. “Today, we drink”, I assure my thirst, a coy smile on my lips too.

We finish up with the dessert, have ourselves a toast, each imagining what the night seems to have in store for us. We make our way to the entrance and there stands a limo driver, ready to take us someplace special. She beams at me, hugs me, refrains from the kiss, mindful that it would overpower us. Patience has its charm too.


We get in, hand-in-hand and she lays her head on my shoulder. A tender, sweet gesture. I reciprocate. It feels like less of passion, more of innocence. She sweetly whispers into my ear, “Thank you for tonight, honey”, smiles and pecks me on the cheek. But I am still not done, and I keep smiling ear-to-ear.


We get off at our apartment building, a lonely place this time of the night, and we proceed to our flat, hand-in-hand, the passion re-igniting, second by second, step-by-step. But just as she is about to insert the key in the lock, I pull her away for a passionate kiss, right in the hallway. It lasts. Long. I break away after a few minutes, both of us pausing for breath, yet eager for more. But ‘tis not over yet, my darling, I keep repeating in my head.


Against her slight protests, I lead her to the terrace. It’s a full moon out tonight and the skies have always been beautiful this time of the year. The stars beam, the moon shines, but none come close to the glow I see on her face. I haven’t seen her this relaxed and calm in quite some time. I derive quite a lot of pleasure from this, just holding her in my arms and looking with her into the sky, into the depths of the universe, yet coming back again & again to see the serenity of her expressions. Her closed eyes, pursed lips and conspicuously calm breathing make for good gazing after all.


I hug her tight, never wanting this moment to end. Never wanting to let go. She loosens my grip, turns towards me, gazes right into my eyes. And right then, I know. I lean in slowly, knowingly, and she reciprocates. Our lips touch, caress. Not strong like lust would demand, but sweet and innocuous. Like the first kiss you might have with someone, when passion and lust haven’t yet sullied its childlike and pure emotion. We stay there, lips glued, minds boggled, bodies tingling, for what seems to be an eternity. An “I love you” passes between our lips. Love, the emotion we feel for each other. There is no need for words to express it. Feels like music to the ears however. And our embrace tightens. It’s been so long after all, but patience has its charm.


We break away and that coy expression is back on her face again. It’s going to be a long, long night…



Note: This is not written by me. A very dear friend wrote this but was awkward to post it. I am posting this on his behalf because it is very nicely written and needs to be read by other people too. Please give your feedback, if any. I will pass it on to the person who has written this. 🙂