The Friendship Should Last

Is it too naive to expect
That relationships will last?
That people will stay
And not become past.
Is it too stupid to assume
That friends will always matter?
That whatever happens
The friendship will keep getting better.
Every relationship grows
Into a beautiful thing;
Until it gets ruined by expectations
And the search for meaning.
Every friendship vows
To last a lifetime
Until life gets in the way
And spoils all rhythm and rhyme.
The start of every relationship
Makes you feel immensely special
The bond is just growing strong
And everything just falls into a pattern.
But as the good times pass
I often fear, the worst might happen
That people will leave
And I will be left alone; forgotten.
Hence all I ask is for us
To stay in touch.
The friendship should last
I don’t ask for much.

To Love and Life

To days that will stay with us forever,
To nights that we will forget never.

To these moments that we’ll always cherish,
To this friendship that will never perish.

To being there for each other through thick and thin,
To kicking each other’s ass when the good gets going.

To being the breath of relief in moments of stress,
To being the reason for each other’s nightmares.

To saying ‘fuck you’ even though we are wrong,
To saying ‘sorry’ even when we are right.
Here’s a cheers to friends and friendship,
Here’s a cheers to love and life.



PS: This poem is dedicated to Ishwar Kakani, Likhit Patni and Suraj Rathi… To the fantastic trip that we had, to the amazing time we spent and to all the secrets that we shared… To  love and life, my friends!!!

This is enough… enough for now!

Walking down the road, I see you across the street
Looking all pretty and happy and smiling with glee

You look at me and we share this glance
Then you raise your eyebrows, smile at me and move on

And I just stand there like a fool, thinking
About that smile and you and us and about this feeling

And all I want to do is come up to you and say
How I feel about you and ask, if you feel the same.

But I don’t.
Cause this smile is enough… enough for now!

She is just sitting on her computer, studying for her exam
Getting all worried and upset but still trying to stay calm

Her mobile beeps and it is a text from him
He asks about her day and how she has been

And she is smiling and smiling and she doesn’t know why
Because she hates him for not doing this often and for being so shy

Because she would love nothing more than for him to call
Ask about her day; listen to her problems and well, that’s all.

But he never does and she still smiles
Cause this message is enough… enough for now!

He is dancing with her, having one of the best nights of his life
Celebrating a friend’s birthday, partying and drinking wine

She is drunk and happy and suddenly she starts feeling a little blue
So she leans on his shoulder and hugs him and he has got no clue

He is sitting there, his heart beating faster and it is back
The love he had for her; the love that he still has

And he knows she doesn’t love him and that they promised to stay friends
But he can’t stop thinking about her; can’t get her out of his head.

So he makes do with this hug
Cause this hug is enough… enough for now!

She is sitting in her cubicle, tired and frustrated
Hating everything about today; annoyed and irritated

He walks in with two cups of tea and his stupid grin
Cracks some jokes and tells stupid stories, which makes her forget everything

Then he gets up, kisses her on her forehead and leaves
Taking with him all her problems and all her worries

And she hates him for always being a friend and not making a move
When she is so apparently smitten by him and so obviously in love

But for now she settles for the kiss on her forehead
Cause this kiss is enough… enough for now!

They just came back from dinner and are standing in front of her door
Exchanging their final goodbyes for the night but secretly wishing for more

The dinner was amazing and the night was wonderfully spent
With the right amount of laughter and right amount of sentiment

And they are just standing there unsure about what to do next
Risk the kiss on lips or just hug and let go of the rest

Then he moves forward, hugs her and kisses her gently on her cheek
Wishes her a good night, asks her to sleep well and leaves.

And even though they both wanted more than this, they smile
Cause this peck is enough… enough for now!

They are sitting next to each other, under the starry sky
Staring at the endless sea and watching the waves rise high

They are talking about love and life; of how fast the time flies
Reliving memories and sharing old stories; of a love that never dies

And he loves her like he has never loved anyone before
And he knows she loves him too; loves him to the core

But they don’t say it because saying it will only make it worse
As they can’t give each other forever and that is their curse.

So they just sit there and relish their love
Cause this love is enough… enough for now!