Bad things stick and good things are taken for granted

Like a month ago, I was showing a friend around my college campus and he was really amazed on seeing my campus. He was all like “Wow man! This is amazing! You have so many brilliant facilities and opportunities. It must be so amazing to live here and have all these facilities available for you.” The whole time he kept on saying that I was lucky and that I had it so much better. Well, my college is really good with many facilities like Lawn Tennis Courts, swimming pool, football field, cricket field, hockey field, basketball courts and well many such facilities. The campus is spread over some 500 acres. Watching him get all excited on seeing the campus, I remembered the day when I first set into the campus and saw all of this myself. I was so happy and so overwhelmed that I was going to study in such an amazing place that I kept on boasting about it to whoever would listen. No, boasting about my college is not the intention of this blog. My point is that I have this whole amazing campus in my life but I had completely forgotten about how ‘lucky’(as my friend pointed out even though I didn’t feel lucky) I actually was. I had taken this for granted. That is what we all do, don’t we? Taking things for granted?

Even though I know the lesson that one should not take things for granted and be grateful for what we have, I tend to forget it. I tend to remember the bad things that happen to me and keep on forgetting the good things that are silently going on in my life and for which I should be really glad if not thankful. The sad part is that this happens to me more than it should. When I am depressed or going through a bad phase, all I can think of is the bad things that are going on in my life. I think there is this thing where all the bad things are attracted to you if you are depressed. When depressed, I start worrying about every single thing that is going wrong in my life even the ones which are not worth it like the fact that I am not able to wake up early every morning is not a depressing thing but something that needs work and motivation but there are times when this makes me feel sadder than it should.

In our quest for something better, in our greed for more, we constantly keep on forgetting what we have and take things for granted. We forget that even though life is going bad, this is just a phase and this does not define our life or us. If we start being contended for the things that we have, we can lead a happy life though this in no way means that we should not have any desires. Desire is the fuel of life and it is important to always want something as that helps us to look forward in life. But now and then, when the pressure is just too much to handle and you are feeling down, remembering that life is good and there are things to be grateful for is really important. Taking things for granted is normal but what we need to work on is remembering that we tend to do that and work towards valuing them more.