Do You Miss Me?

Tell me, do you miss me?
I wanna know.
Do you think about me
As much as I think of you?

Do the starry nights
Remind you of our late night talks?
Do you ever miss my company
When you go for one of your walks?

When you have a bad day;
Or when you work till late;
When there is no one sitting by your side
While you wait for your train;

On days when your dad is being a jerk
And your sister is being pushy;
When your friends are being difficult
And the whole world seems stupid.

Do you miss me? Tell me!
I wanna know.


Do you ever miss,
The afternoons spent together;
Or the morning breakfasts?
When everything seemed better
Than it actually was.

Do you miss watching movies on Sunday
Or the evenings spent by the sea;
Do you miss taking my pictures on your camera
Or my half-ass-stupid poetry?

Do you miss the times when things were good
And we had love to share;
And those times when things turned bad
But we still didn’t care?

Tell me, do you miss me at all
Or was I easy to forget?
Tell me, am I a sweet memory?
Or am I a stupid regret?

Oh wait!
Don’t tell me!
I think I don’t want to know.

‘Cause what if you say yes?
And what if,
God forbid,
You say no!