Poor Love

Love isn’t boastful
It doesn’t demand
A show;
Love believes in itself
And hopes that in this dark world,
It will glow.

Sacrifice in love often goes unnoticed
But that is the reason
You should never keep score
‘Cause love is no science,
It is a matter of heart; a necessity of life
And so much more…

love is hope

Suffering is also a part of the process
‘Cause what is love,
If it can’t endure
You can’t really blame it on anyone
‘Cause suffering is innocent
And love has no cure.

Pain is another by-product of our existence
But love is not responsible here,
It didn’t cheat or lie or trick you
But it is no innocent bystander either

It’s simple logic and plain common sense:
You bleed cause you cut
It hurts cause you care,
Poor love gets blamed
‘Cause it just exaggerates what is already there.


बस प्यार रह जाता है

समय बीत जाता है
वक़्त भूल जाता है
दर्द कम नही होता
बस नम हो जाता है

आँसू सुख जाते है
दर्द निकल जाता है
जख्म कभी नहीं भरता
बस निशान मिट जाता है

इंसान चला जाता है
रिश्ता टूट जाता है
यादें कभी नहीं भूलती
बस एहसास कम हो जाता है

सब कुछ ख़त्म हो जाता है
हर लम्हा भूल जाता है
कुछ रह जाता है तो वो प्यार है
बस प्यार रह जाता है.

I love you like madness

crazy loveI know we are not meant to last forever
And that this will someday end;
I know the end will be painful and hard
But I still want to go ahead.
I know I’ll regret this later
That I’ll look back and curse myself;
I know that the heartbreak will be unbearable
But I still want to take this chance.

I know that logic doesn’t support this
That we are up against some difficult odds;
And I know that this is a stupid thing to do
But I want to take the jump, even if I might fall.

I want to make the mistake
I want to do this wrong
I want to feel the pain
I want to be involved.

So what if we don’t have a future?
Future is not where we live
All that matters is the now
And I know I’ll be happy, if I have you with me.

So what if there will be heartbreak and pain?
All good things end with them
We will curse when we reach the finish line
But for the path we travel, we will always be glad.

And even if everything goes wrong
Even if we are fucked up and depressed
I would still want to be with you
Because I love you like madness.

Because you can never go back

Those flirtatious stares I’ll never forget
They will haunt me till my last breath;
Those lingering goodbyes I’ll always regret
They will always remind me of things I should have said.

The messages I never sent, will always wait
In the drafts folder, for that moment of courage;
The kisses on forehead, will never translate
Into something more, for I am not that brave. images

The conversation in my head, will never materialize
The feelings I have, will stay there for a while
I’ll not initiate the conversation, until the moment is right
I’ll not make a hasty decision and spoil our lives.

Call me a coward or call me a fool
But I won’t cross this line;
Until I am absolutely sure
Of your feelings and of mine.

Because I don’t want to risk this
Whatever it is that we have;
Because I don’t care about the norms of the world
That tells me to do this and do that.

I will only confess my feelings
When I am absolutely sure of it;
I will only commit to things
When I am ready to risk everything.

Until then I will gulp down these feelings
And take a step back
Pretend that I don’t want you
And behave as if I lack

Emotions those are
Unbearably painful
Because well, my love,
You can never go back.

You can’t help them


No matter how hard you try

You can’t help them.

Your friend, your sibling, your child, your lover,

People you care about,

People you love;

You just can’t help them.


No matter how clearly you see

The pain that is heading their way

You can’t warn them

To not make that same mistake again.

Because sometimes they are just not willing to listen,

And sometimes

They just don’t want to believe you,

But most importantly

Because they want to follow their instincts

And see it through.

Sometimes, they have grown up

And you can’t tell them

What is right and what is wrong

What to do and what to not.

Not because you don’t matter

But because

It is time that they make their own decisions

and avoid the chatter.

Sometimes, no matter what trouble they are in

And no matter how much you want to help them,

All you can do is stand there and watch

And hope that you are proven wrong.

It is one of the worst feelings in the world

To watch someone you care for

Make the mistakes and suffer the pain

From which you could have prevented them.

But sometimes,

You just have to step back

You just have to let them be.

It is painful, it is torturous

To stand there and watch them suffer

But that is the punishment for caring too much,

That is what we get for loving too much.

Sometimes, you can’t do anything

And you can’t help

Even if you give it your best,

Even if you know they’ll fail that test.

All you can do

Is be there for them

When they drown in the rain

And be there for them

When they suffer the pain.

All you can do is

Let them make the mistake,

Let them go their way

Let them follow their guts

Let them find their way.

And stand at the end

Of that dark tunnel,


To hold them

When they walk out


To be there for them

When they come falling down.

And tell them

That shit happens

That making mistakes is okay

And that you are there for them

And it is all going to be okay

And that they will find their way

tomorrow, if not today.

Aakhri Alvida

Chale jaa rahe ho humse door,
ek baar mud kar dekh to liya hota.
Khade hai hum yaha, pyaar me majboor,
humari majboori ko zara samajh to liya hota.
Ye gham thoda kam ho jaata,
ye rasta thoda aasan ho jaata.
Pyaar me itna dard na hota,
iss majboori ka itna afsos na hota.

Na jeete har pal apne aap se ruth ke,
na marte baar baar apne naseeb ko kos ke;
Jo tumne humpe thoda reham kiya hota,
ek baar jo tumne mud kar dekh liya hota.

Galati shayad  meri hi thi,
kaash maine itni mohabbat ki na hoti.
Khush hoti aaj ye zindagi,
jo aisi beparvaah dillagi ki na hoti.

Par afsos us mohabbat ka nahi,
gham tujhse ki dillagi ka nahi.
Jo bitaya tha waqt wo haseen tha,
ye dil bhi bada khushnaseeb tha.

Dard to uss aakhri bevafai ka hai,
pachtava to teri rusvaai ka hai,
Maante hai ki humse nafrat karne ke kaaran hazaar the
Par hum kam se kam ek aakhri alvida ke to haqdaar the.