The love of a mother

Every love has a reason behind it. We love people for various reasons. We love them because they are good to us, because they are a good human being, because they are good to the less privileged people, because they have money or status, because they are doing some good in the world, because they are successful, because they treat you well or make you happy or make you feel big and important… the list is endless. We love people for various reasons. There is no such thing as ‘love without any reason’. Every love has a reason. No love that is real is without a reason. It is impossible to love someone without any reason; it is, if I may be impolite to all the romantic fools out there, simply illogical and stupid. If someone says they love you without any reason either they are lying to you or they are lying to themselves and they themselves don’t know the reason. You cannot love someone without a reason. You might not know the reason. You night not know why you love someone as much as you love them but there always is a reason.

Now that we have established that every love is born out of a reason, let us look at the scary side of this. If people love us for certain reasons (because we are good, because we are confident, good looking, smart, intelligent, rich, famous or any other thing), what if those reasons disappear? Will people stop loving us? We all agree that change is inevitable. People change and that is unavoidable. It is natural. If people love you for some things or qualities that you have right now and what will happen if a few years down the road you don’t posses those qualities? Will they love you then? Will they accept you for what you have become? Doesn’t it scare you that most of the people might not? People love you for a reason. What if you can’t give them those reasons anymore? What if you have changed as a person and you don’t possess those qualities in you? Will everyone stop loving you? If yes, how does one survive in this world then? Where does one find the true and pure and forever kind of love? Does that sort of love even exist?

The answer is yes. That kind of love exists; the true and forever and pure kind of love and it is the love of a mother for her child. The love of a mother for her child is the most honest and true and pure love that there is. Your mother is the only person who will always love you no matter what you do and what you become. Even if you hate her and be rude to her and give her every reason to not love you, she will always love you because the reason why she loves you will never change. The reason for a mother’s love towards her child never goes away. It is always there and will always be there and hence her love will not change even if everything about the child changes.  The reason a mother loves her child is that the child is a part of her. The mother gives birth to a child; she holds him in her stomach for 9 months; holds it, grows it, feeds it, cares for it, nourishes it and then gives birth to it. She suffers intolerable pain and uncontrollable torture for her child. The child is a part of her. The child is a reflection of her; not just that, the child is a part of her soul. The child is what will stay of her after she dies. The child is she herself reborn in a new body. That is why a mother will always love her child. No matter what happens that reason will never change. Even if the child grows up to become a terrorist or whatever, the mother will always see the best of him. The child will always be special to the mother; will always remain a part of her no matter what he does. That reason will never change and hence the love of a mother for a child will never change. Hence, it is the purest form of love.

There is this story that I heard when I was a child and which, even though it is very stupid and kiddish and rubbish and fictional, still aptly portrays the love of a mother for her child.

A guy asks his girlfriend to marry her. The girl says she will marry him but only if he agrees to bring her the heart of his mother. The girl explains to him that she feels threatened by his mother and she won’t marry him if he doesn’t get her the heart of his mother. Crazy in love, the guy sets off on his path to do whatever it takes to be with the love of his life. He reaches home and kills his mother and tears her heart out so that he could give it to his girlfriend and thus marry her. After cutting off his mother’s heart, as he starts walking away he stumbles over a rock and falls down and hurts himself. At that moment, there comes a voice from the heart ‘are you hurt my son?’  It is his mother’s voice coming from the heart; his mother whom he killed but who still cares about him.

All I imply from this story is that only a mother can have that kind of love for her child; only a mother can forgive, suffer and lose everything she has to make her child happy. No other love is that undying and that pure and that ever lasting.

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