I love you like madness

crazy loveI know we are not meant to last forever
And that this will someday end;
I know the end will be painful and hard
But I still want to go ahead.
I know I’ll regret this later
That I’ll look back and curse myself;
I know that the heartbreak will be unbearable
But I still want to take this chance.

I know that logic doesn’t support this
That we are up against some difficult odds;
And I know that this is a stupid thing to do
But I want to take the jump, even if I might fall.

I want to make the mistake
I want to do this wrong
I want to feel the pain
I want to be involved.

So what if we don’t have a future?
Future is not where we live
All that matters is the now
And I know I’ll be happy, if I have you with me.

So what if there will be heartbreak and pain?
All good things end with them
We will curse when we reach the finish line
But for the path we travel, we will always be glad.

And even if everything goes wrong
Even if we are fucked up and depressed
I would still want to be with you
Because I love you like madness.


Because you can never go back

Those flirtatious stares I’ll never forget
They will haunt me till my last breath;
Those lingering goodbyes I’ll always regret
They will always remind me of things I should have said.

The messages I never sent, will always wait
In the drafts folder, for that moment of courage;
The kisses on forehead, will never translate
Into something more, for I am not that brave. images

The conversation in my head, will never materialize
The feelings I have, will stay there for a while
I’ll not initiate the conversation, until the moment is right
I’ll not make a hasty decision and spoil our lives.

Call me a coward or call me a fool
But I won’t cross this line;
Until I am absolutely sure
Of your feelings and of mine.

Because I don’t want to risk this
Whatever it is that we have;
Because I don’t care about the norms of the world
That tells me to do this and do that.

I will only confess my feelings
When I am absolutely sure of it;
I will only commit to things
When I am ready to risk everything.

Until then I will gulp down these feelings
And take a step back
Pretend that I don’t want you
And behave as if I lack

Emotions those are
Unbearably painful
Because well, my love,
You can never go back.

बस कभी कह नही पाये

प्यार तो हमारी भी आँखों से झलक रहा था, पर नज़रें वो उनसे मिला रहे थे

दिल तो हमारा भी उन्ही के लिए धड़क रहा था, पर वो उनके सीने से लगके जिए जा रहे थे |

दर्द, मोहब्बत का, हमे भी हो रहा था, पर मलम वो उनके ज़ख्मो पे लगा रहे थे

ग़म जुदाई का हमारे सीने से भी उभर रहा था, पर वो उन्ही के इंतज़ार में दिए लगा रहे थे |


प्यार सिर्फ उसी को नहीं होता, जो आसानी से दिल की दास्ताँ बयान कर जाता है

दर्द सिर्फ उसी के दिल में नही होता, जो पलक झपक के सारे आसू रो जाता है |

दिल तो हमने भी तुम्ही से लगाया था, बस कभी कह नहीं पाए

प्यार तो हमने भी सिर्फ तुम्ही से किया था, बस कभी कोई सबूत नहीं दे पाए |


पर शायद उसी का जितना सही है,

उसी के साथ तुम्हारी प्यार की कहानी भली है |

हम से दिल लगा के शायद तुम पछताती,

कैसे तुम्हे हम खुश रख पाते, जब दिल की बात ही तुम्हे बतानी नहीं आती |

Start walking again

Sitting at the end of the road
Smoking the last of your precious cigars
Smiling at your fate, you scream for help
Staring into the horizon, you ask yourself

Should I have taken this path of struggle?
Should I have taken the other, with less troubles?
Soon you’ll wonder if this was worth it
Soon you’ll think back and regret this

Sometimes we end up making the wrong choices
Some days nothing seems to be going right
Sanity seems to no longer be our mate
Sun doesn’t seem able to make our days bright

Sometimes all you can do is accept your failure
Stare it in the face and acknowledge the pain
Somewhere lies a better destiny waiting for you
So you have to get up and start walking again.


PS: This is a poem written as a submission to the daily prompt exercise, called Fearful Symmetry, of writing a poem where every line starts with the same letter. I have chosen the letter ‘S’ because, well, my name starts with it. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/daily-prompt-symmetry/