A mind blowing start or an amazing end? #YouPrefer

As a kid I heard two quotes and got all confused. The first one was ‘Well begun, is half done’ and the second one was ‘All’s well that ends well’.  I remember thinking that if something started well, it was a good thing and if it didn’t start well, we should think that it will all be well if we could just end it in a better way.  I also remember thinking that this was just a trick played on us by our elders to ensure that we are always hopeful. Cause, isn’t it obvious that if something is going to be good than either it started good or ended good? And if it is good all the while (which is against the laws of nature) well, it is obviously good then. It was that simple for me and I thought this people just wanted to let me know that they are smarter than me hence they were putting in front of me all these wise sounding quotes.

But then I grew up and understood what was the difference between two quotes and in what way they were supposed to be interpreted. Now, I deal with bigger problems, more confusing problems.

Given a choice to choose one of the two things: A mind blowing start to your journey (or whatever it is you are undertaking) or an amazing end to it, what would you choose? I am not saying that you can’t have both, it’s just that if you can be assured of one thing, what would you want that thing to be? Would you choose a mind-blowing start and build your own way to the end or would you like to have an amazing end and not worry about how you get there?

If you choose a mind-blowing start to your journey, it may take any course in the future. You cannot possibly know what is going to happen in the future or how your journey is going to end. It may have a good ending or not. That depends. But you will have a good start. You will have an edge. As they say ‘Well begun, is half done’.

If you choose an amazing ending to your journey, you may not know what will happen to you in the start. All you can be sure is that the end will be amazing but how you reach the end, the problems you face to reach there and the things you suffer from are not known. It may be a journey to an amazing end but it may not be worth it. You may not even make it to the end, possibly because you lacked the courage to make it through. But they say ‘All’s well that ends well’.

The question is what sort of a person you are: the one to take a good start and live the end upon fate or the one to know what the end is and have the patience and the endurance to make it there by doing whatever it takes?