The story of cipher.

As a boy, I read this story in my English book which really set the basis of my thought process. It was about a man who was very poor and had to fight hard to earn livelihood for his family. He was happy with his life, his family but professionally he was not doing that good. Then one day, with a sudden change of luck, he got rich, very rich. Now, he had servants to do work for him and was very respected by others. But he couldn’t take time out for his family. He was so busy managing his work that he had no time for his family and no peace in his life as he was constantly worried about how his business will do in the future. He was rich but unhappy. The moral of the story was made out to be something like, that you cannot have everything in life and you can never be happy for ever. You can not have all the pleasures of life without some pain. Life is a cipher, it said. Everything, in life, adds up to zero. Be it happiness and sadness, pleasure and pain, good and bad, love and hate, everything that you get in life, everything that happens to you, will add up to zero. They will cancel each other out. It will all add up to a zero, a cipher.

The question that arises in the mind is that, why then do we try to become rich in life if we know that it will surely bring pain and problems with it? Why do we strive to be happy and gain love? Why do we even try to make friends and fall in love with people when we know that at some point in future, they will end up hurting us and life will be filled with sadness? This was one big question that I faced then but the answer made life so much clearer to me.

The truth is that life is a cipher but the question that you have to answer, which decides how you want your life to be, is that do you want to live a life like a stone, which feels neither pain nor pleasure or like a big successful person, who goes through the ups and downs of life everyday? Or you can choose a life in between which suits you. Your life is, after all, your choice. Its your decision about what sort of a life you want. Do you want less pains and less pleasures or do you want more happiness, even if it comes at a cost of problems. You get to choose which size of zero, you want your life to be. There are many types of zeros; 5 and -5 add up to zero and so does 500 and -500. What sort of a zero you want your life to be, is what will decide how happy a life you live.

So choose the zero that suits you. Choose the zero which is enough for you. Choose a life which will give you enough happiness to bear all the pains that comes along the way. Cause it is all about that; cause life is, after all, a CIPHER.


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  1. Dear Friend, Just wanted to tell you that I’m shutting down my blog temporarily. I will continue to read your posts and I send you my best regards. Thank you for your friendship. Cara Rosewyn. 🙂

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